Sea bream and sea bass Agroittica Tuscany are usually selected according to size:
Gr. 300-400 / Gr 400-600 / Gr 600-800 / Gr 800-1000 / Gr 1000-1500 / Gr 1500-2000

We can indulge potential customers specific demands and give all the informations about traceability of our products and raw materials and about the material of our packaging. We give our customers informations about daily breeding and about food. We collaborate with the most important logistics companies and our products are marketed in the most important Italian and international marketplaces.
Our products are labeled with our trademarks both the factory and the products one


On the labels you can find all the informations about the product: the name, the location, the wrapping date, the life span of the product and the traceability.
Each product has a label. When the fishes are individually sold at a market, an informational card is shown to the final customer and it has all the informations mentioned above.