Our People, technical means and the form front farming methods let us achieve an high standard quality level, with an excellent final product. Our frequent professional partnership with University and Research Foundations allow us to utilize the latest innovations for what concerning be efficient in our production and for the choice of the best raw materials.

We always are devoted to:

  • enhance our employees
  • the use of efficient and sustainable resources
  • be innovative and improve our methods
  • put our customers first
    be close to our environment

Uur employees are highly qualified and our means are specifically created for farm fishing and we manufacture and pack fish within the factory in our tanks and cages we really care about keep a low rate product per cubic meter and an high percentage of oxygen, in order to reenact wild life


The fry we breed, that are indigenous or that become naturalized in our area, originate from breeders who are not cloned nor breed with OGM food. Our food is ogm free in order to ensure the final product quality fishing operations and processing follow the EFSAʼs (European Food Safety Authority) laws in order to be less stressful for the animals.