Agricultural factory Agroittica Toscana is involved in the aquaculture business for more than 20 years. Our specialty is the sea basses and sea breams breeding. The corporate headquarters are located in Tuscany, in Piombino, a coastal town that overlooks the Tuscan Archipelago which is perfectly suited for fish farming. The factory has two locations, the first one is located in Piombino, in this location the fishes are breed in tanks on 13 acres area; the other one is located in the sea on 100 acres area in the Follonica Gulf, 4 miles from the coasts. The location situated in Piombino has more than 30 tanks intended for fattening the fishes just as many are intended for on growing the fishes. The sea location has 24 cages. Our annual manufacturing is over 1.500 tons

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A 3 minutes and 50 seconds video is about our factory, our production capacity, the men behind our job and the way we achieve to have an hight quality product. The factory is located in Piombino, and both the tanks and the cages are in the same location that overlooks Elba island so in the Tuscan Archipelago. Agroittica Toscana is a factory that over the last few years has increased the production capacity, the team and the investments, despite the international crisis.